September 18, 2021

Six people, including a suspected gunman, have been killed in a shooting in Britain

Six people, including a suspected gunman, were killed Thursday in a serious firefighting incident in the southwestern English town of Plymouth, police said.

Devon and Cornwall police called the shooting a “critical incident” in the Keyham area of ​​Plymouth on Thursday evening, but later said it was not considered terrorism-related.

Officers responded to reports of gunfire in a residential neighborhood near some of the city’s robbers, along with other emergency services, including air ambulance crews.

“Two women and two men were killed at the scene,” Devon and Cornwall police said in an update early Friday after hours of uncertainty about the incident.

Police added that another man – believed to be a gunman – was also found dead nearby, while another woman, who was being treated at the scene, died at the hospital shortly afterwards.

“All are believed to have been shot dead,” the force said.

Shortly after police confirmed the deaths, local lawyer Lok Pollard said one of the dead was a “child under the age of ten.”

The Labor MP tweeted, “More and more people are treating their wounds in the hospital.”

“It’s just so indescribably scary. My condolences and thoughts are with the family.”

It was not clear how the victims and the suspects were linked, with many details emerging in the sleepy city of southwest English county Devon, home to some 262,000 residents.

Devon and Cornwall police said police would insist it was not a terrorist incident.

“The investigation is ongoing,” the force added, urging people with mobile phone footage not to share photos of the aftermath online.

Firing in the UK
Large-scale killings are rare in the UK, where most police officers are unarmed Photo: AFP / Nicklaus Hallen

Home Minister Preity Patel described the incident as “shocking” and said her views were “with the victims” but did not elaborate.

He tweeted, “I have spoken to the Chief Constable and offered my full support.”

“I urge everyone to remain calm, follow the advice of the police and allow our emergency services to continue their work.”

Residents heard loud explosions and gunfire before police cordoned off the area, British media reported.

Witness Sharon, who did not want to be named, told the BBC she had heard screams followed by several shots.

He said that was when the shooter kicked the door of a house and started shooting accidentally.

“He ran away from home and shot at some people.”

Another witness, Robert Pinkerton, told the BBC he had “turned around in the corner” and “collided with a black-clad shotgun.”

The Southwestern Ambulance Service said it had responded with significant resources, including hazardous area response teams, air and ground ambulances, several doctors and senior paramedics.

“The Kiham tragedy has killed me,” said Labor leader Kerr Starmer.

“I pay tribute to our emergency services for the events we all flee from,” he added.

Large-scale killings are rare in the UK, where most police officers are unarmed, while the south-west of England – a popular holiday destination – is generally known as the quietest part of the country. Is.

The region’s largest city, Plymouth, is the largest naval base in Western Europe, including nuclear submarines and large warships.

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