October 27, 2021

Six children were found in a Victorian slum house filled with dog litter, mouse drops and used nappies.

Surprising images have surfaced of a house resembling a “Victorian slum” in sparse, Mercy Side, from which six children were rescued earlier this year.

The children’s parents, who could not be named at the recent Liverpool Crown Court hearing, could not be named due to reporting restrictions. He will be punished for negligence in November this year.

Meanwhile, disturbing pictures from inside the house show that the family was living in extremely unhealthy conditions, surrounded by dog ​​poop, rat droppings, used nappies and a rat attack. Mountains of rubbish were piled up in kitchens, while sinks and bathtubs were filled with discarded bins and bottles.

Clothes were scattered all over the floor, while children’s school uniforms were stored in a room containing old plastic bottles, garbage bags and utensil noodle containers on the floor. A rat was found in the children’s drawers, while their beds and bedrooms were “invasive.” The bathroom and toilet were also not cleaned for a long time and were unusable. Mail online.

A statement from one of the children read in court said the house was “absolutely filthy” and “uninhabitable”, adding that they did not even have running water. “I would say that both my parents are responsible for this situation. We just need help,” she said.

Prosecutor Trevor Perry Jones told the court the living conditions came to light when police were called to discuss the couple. “What they were confronted with can only be described as a scene of irreparable disrespect, reminiscent of the Victorian slums of the 21st century,” he said.

The children were then taken out and provided with necessities, while both parents were arrested and interviewed. During the interrogation, the parents blamed their “too long” time for their negligence. The father admitted that conditions at the house were “very bad” and dangerous for the children, but claimed that he had cleaned up a month ago. Meanwhile, the mother revealed that she only ate food and that the “unclean” conditions at home were exacerbated by her large pet dog.

The prosecutor told the judge that both parents, who had previous charges, did not seek help despite knowing the “dangerous” and “unhealthy” conditions in their home. He also said authorities have made several home visits over the years. Living conditions were first described as satisfactory in 2010, but in 2013 it was recorded as “unhealthy and dirty”, in 2015 as “very bad” and in 2017 as “not dirty but bad”. After two tours in 2018.

The judge asked why nothing was done quickly and ordered welfare reports for all six children, including information that they had suffered physical or psychological harm.

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Responsible parents will be punished in November / Representation.

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