September 18, 2021

Silento has been charged with cousin and several other serious crimes.

Silento has made a lot of rap sheets for himself in the last few years, but he could be charged with the recent murder of his cousin.

The rapper, who made a name for himself in 2015 with his viral hit “Watch Me”, has been in jail since February after being linked to the death of his cousin Frederick Roots last month. The 34-year-old victim was found dead on the street outside his home with bullet wounds to his face and leg.

The musician, born Ricky Lamar Hawke, was indicted earlier this month at a grand jury hearing in Georgia. The jury found him guilty of aggravated murder, aggravated murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during a criminal commission on August 3. the people..

The 23-year-old was arrested twice last year in California on domestic violence and gun charges, and was charged in October with driving at 140 miles per hour on the freeway. In addition, he was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles last year when he entered the home of an unlocked stranger in the Valley Village neighborhood and attempted to kill two people with a weapon. Until one of them is disarmed. It.

Following his latest imprisonment for murdering a family member, his publisher cited his mental health problems while urging his fans to join him in his prayers. Chanel Hudson wrote in an Instagram post at the time, “Please send some positive vibrations to my client Silento. For the past several years, Ricky has been suffering from a series of mental illnesses. We continue to try to cure him. But in the meantime, we pray for the people to give them and their families immediate prayers and positive energy !! “

Celento rose to fame in 2015 with his hit single “Watch Me (Whip / Nai Na)”, which he released when he was just 17 years old. The song topped the charts and went viral on social media. With her dance, the video quickly gained millions of YouTube views and at the same time created a dance frenzy, with countless fans choreographing and posting their own videos.

A Steele of Silento’s hit song “Look at Me (Koda / Nani)
– / YouTube.

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