October 17, 2021

Should Russia allow Victoria Nuland to come in at all?

Moscow should not have welcomed Victoria Nuland as a negotiator. This is a bad sign, but there are also good signs.

Nuland is the enemy of Russia.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland spent three days in Moscow (October 11-13). Nuland was a key figure in the 2014 Ukrainian uprising. He divided positions in Ukraine’s new illegitimate government and explained its anti-Russian decisions, which did Russia a great disservice.

It is unlikely that Noland’s position has changed. Why did Moscow welcome him as a negotiator? After all, the United States could have chosen someone else. However, Russia placed itself in a “whatever” position. Fortunately, the results of Noland’s visit refute this conclusion.

Russia no longer fears further tensions with the United States.

After meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, it became clear that the two countries disagreed on resolving differences over the shortage of diplomatic staff.

“The positions of the parties do not coincide. The Americans do not listen to our logic and our demands. There is a danger of further escalation,” Ryalkov said after his talks with Nuland.

Ryabkov also said that Russia strongly opposes the use of US military bases in Central Asia, as the US says, “as part of an effort to keep a close eye on Afghanistan.”

“We have emphasized that the US military presence in Central Asia is unacceptable in any form,” Ryabkov said.

The Russian diplomat believes that the United States and its allies have a primary responsibility for normalizing life in Afghanistan, as it was Afghanistan’s military presence that led the country to the situation it is in today. ۔

It is encouraging that Moscow no longer inadvertently meets the demands and requests of Western “partners” to support its actions. This was the line of Moscow politics:

  • During the NATO operation to overthrow the legitimate government in Libya
  • Arranging a transit cargo route from the territory of the Russian Federation during US aid to Afghanistan
  • Or during Petro Poroshenko’s attempt to recognize the legitimacy of the government.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, is still in Moscow for “consultations” and this is a good sign.

America needs to learn to behave.

Only America’s attempt to become a “partner” can motivate Washington to be more arrogant, rude and tolerant. Thus, demonstrating its weakness in Ukraine, Russia faced a military threat, as Ukraine was occupied by experienced warmers. They will be happy to pit the two neighboring countries against each other.

It is impossible to convince the current generation of American politicians that Russia is a partner. Americans have been taught hatred and contempt for Russia since childhood. For them, Russia is a nuclear threat and nothing more. They can only understand the language of power.

No one needs to discuss anything with the Americans – no one needs to face their choice as the Chinese do. Chinese officials have recently announced that they will only put it on the US agenda. I will participate when Washington lifts sanctions on China.

Chinese officials immediately realized that US sanctions were being used to slow down China’s economic growth. In other words, sanctions represent a form of hybrid warfare. American corporations, whether sponsored by Democrats or Republicans, are not interested in good relations with either China or Russia. All they need is a good source of income.

Moscow has finally realized that.

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