Seven Top Tips for Getting Money at KFC, McDonald’s, Greggs and Nando’s

LOVE cheeky Nando? Fingers twitching for a bucket of KFC?

I asked discount expert Jordon Cox, the British coupon guy, about his tricks to make money from your favorite fast foods.


Seven Top Tips for Getting Money at KFC, McDonald’s, Greggs and Nando’s1 credit

MAXIMUM SAVINGS OF BIG MAC: Save your McDonald’s receipt to get a £1.99 Big Mac and fries instead of £3 on your next visit. Follow the link in your receipt and fill out a short online survey about your coding experience. Write this on the receipt and give it to the cashier next time to get a discount. You can also choose Fillet-O-Fish or Veggie Deluxe and fries for the same price. Then repeat the process.

SAVE: £1.01

DOWNLOAD DISCOUNT: Sign up to the MyMcDonald’s app for more deals. You can often get 99p groceries including Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets or McChicken Sandwich. Now there is a 20% discount on all menus until Friday. .

SAVE: £4 when spending £20.

DEAL LICK FINGERS: Download the KFC app for the first time and you’ll immediately get three chicken stamps – enough for the free side. You can get a free little chicken with popcorn, two hot wings, soft drink, hot drink, sundae, or regular fries. You can also get a 15% discount by filling out the questionnaire after each order.

SAVE: up to £3.99 with app

PERI DELICIOUS: Get £10 off your Nando order of £15 or more through Deliveroo if you’re a first-time takeaway with code FOODNOW10 before March 13th. Only for selected locations, but you can also use the code for other restaurants in the app.

SAVE: £10

ROLLER WITH IT: In the mood for a Greggs sausage roll? Order it to take away and it will cost £1 instead of £1.20. Plus, sign up for the Rewards app to get a free hot drink and sweet treat on your birthday.

SAVE: up to £1.90 per drink

  • PRICES are correct at the time of publication. Offers and offers are subject to availability.

Cheap pleasure

Weetos Orange Chocolate Wraps Cost £2 At Asda.


Weetos orange chocolate wraps cost £2 at Asda.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

MAKE breakfast fun with limited edition Weetos Orange Chocolatey Hoops. Today, they cost £2 at Asda, compared to a suggested retail price of £2.99.

SAVE: 99 pages

Deal of the day

Lakeland'S Six-Litre Slow Cooker Costs Just £29.99.


Lakeland’s six-litre slow cooker costs just £29.99.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

SLOW cookers use less energy and are ideal for cheaper meats. Lakeland has this six-litre for £29.99. Cost £42.99.

SAVE: £13

win a tent

IMAGINE going camping this year. . . maybe when it warms up? Book through and each entry has a chance to win a £1,000 package. The prize includes a Coleman Aspen 6L family tent, shelter, refrigerator on wheels and a £50 camping gift voucher. Visit

Top swap

These Tommy Hilfiger Denim Overalls Are £110.


These Tommy Hilfiger denim overalls are £110.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
These Pep & Co Look-Alikes In Poundland Cost Just £16.


These Pep & Co look-alikes in Poundland cost just £16.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

RELAX in these comfortable £110 recycled cotton Tommy Badge denim overalls at Tommy Hilfiger. Or buy these look-alikes for £16 at the Pep & Co store in Poundland.

SAVE: £94

Leah’s little helper

EXCEED the increase in train fares with digital rail cards by a third in Trainline. Order at with code 33YESPLEASE by midnight February 28th or 300,000 units sold. This means that most 1-year rail cards have gone from £30 to £20 and most 3-year cards have gone from £70 to £47.

Play now to win £100

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