September 20, 2021

Serial killer Michael Gargio, nicknamed ‘The Hollywood Rapper’, has been sentenced to death.

Michael Gargiolo, a serial killer known as ‘The Hollywood Ripper’ for his heinous crimes, has been sentenced to death.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler on Friday sentenced the former bouncer and air-conditioner repairman in front of the victims’ families. The father of the two will now face the death penalty in San Quentin State Jail, reports said. the people.

Gargiollo was convicted by a Los Angeles jury in 2019 of the murders of Ashley Elrin, 22, in 2001 and Maria Bruno, 32, in 2005. Both women were beaten several times at their homes in LA. He was also convicted of attempting to assassinate Michelle Murphy, who was similarly attacked at his Santa Monica home in 2008.

There is another murder case in which Gargiwalo has been charged, but has not yet been convicted. The murder is alleged to have taken place in Illinois, killing 18-year-old Tracia Pacquiao, who was stabbed outside her Gleon View home in 1993. The serial killer, who was only 17 at the time, was a friend of the victim’s brother and lived around the corner from his home.

Prosecutor Dan Akemon pointed to Gargio’s criminal style at the hearing, noting that all of his victims were young, good-natured, lively and close to him. In the case of Ashley Ellerin’s murder in 2001, it was found that Gargillo lived less than a block away. The 24-year-old at the time first met the 22-year-old victim outside his home, asked him if he needed help fixing flat tires, and then started appearing at his home for no reason. A friend revealed that he had inspected his car parked outside the affected bungalow in the wee hours. In February 2001, he was brutally stabbed 47 times in a Hollywood bungalow.

The victim was acquainted with “No Strings Attached” actor Ashton Kutcher, and planned to go on a date with him the night he was killed. The actress also testified in her murder case, telling the court that she showed up at her house that night, but when she did not answer the door, she assumed she was standing with him.

Following Elrin’s death, Gargoyle killed his neighbor Maria Bruno in a similar manner in December, where he killed his neighbor Maria Bruno on December 1, 2005. Her crimes were finally revealed on April 28, 2008, after a failed attempt to assassinate Michelle Murphy. .

Murphy woke up to a man who was sleeping when he was stabbed in the arm, and he cut himself off during the confrontation and kicked him after fleeing. Prosecutors found his DNA on Murphy’s bed spread, which linked it to the DNA found under Tracea Pakisio’s finger in 1993, which is believed to have been her first victim.

Achimon told the jury that Gargiwalo waited for the perfect opportunity to “avoid being shot and then detected in a blitz-style knife attack.”

Michael Gargiolo
The so-called “Hollywood rapper,” Michael Gargio, appeared during his trial in Los Angeles on August 15, 2019.

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