October 20, 2021

Security guards stabbed Glasgow’s Blythewood Court flats.

A security guard described the horrific moment when he was stabbed in an attempt to get a drug addict out of the Glasgow High Rise block.

The 36-year-old was taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary by ambulance after being stabbed in the leg while performing his duties at the Blythewood Court building.

The man, who said on condition of anonymity that he was an active security guard, had been away from work for weeks before returning to his role, although he had been moved to another building.

Glasgow Times:

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However, he feared that other workers would be injured if no further steps were taken to increase security around the high-rise blocks.

The father, who works for an outdoor security firm, said: “There are so many needles lying around, you’re looking for them and people like a coma on stairs and elevators.

“I was stabbed in the leg but to be honest we were expecting everything to happen, we were just waiting.

“We are constantly dealing with it and we need to approach them and get them out of the building.”

The man said he had alerted the Glasgow Waste Housing Association, which operates three buildings in the city center, to find drug users at the facility after finding the needle.

However, he claims that Housing instructed him to “kick him in the corner” and release him to the janitor after about 48 hours.

“It was in the middle of summer,” he said. “People are walking with sliders and sandals and what if it gets stuck in someone’s foot or baby.”

“I dealt with it because the people who live there are not the ones who are doing it. They don’t deal with it, they don’t deserve it.

The man said security personnel were not being protected and called for more work to be done to ensure that drug users do not have access to high-rise blocks.

The Glasgow Times’ revelation came after drug addicts were caught using stairs to inject illegal substances.

Housing is believed to have introduced a two-man patrol around Blythewood Court since the incident.

Glasgow Times:

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A housing spokesman said: “There is a secure entrance control system and 29 CCTV cameras that provide coverage throughout the area. [Blythswood Court] The development completes the nighttime security patrol service.

“GWHA and security company officials responded immediately to the incident in July, and we are grateful for the prompt response of the police and ambulance service.

“The safety of our residents, our staff and our community is our top priority. And we keep reviewing security measures with that in mind.

“We are grateful that the security guard is recovering from this unprovoked attack and we will request the police to contact 101 with any information regarding this incident.”

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