September 25, 2021

Sectarian graffiti paint on walls and buildings near Glasgow

On Sunday, Rangers vs. Day. Celtic The match, aggressive graffiti was seen on the side of a building on Hawthorne Street.

Glasgow Times:

Social media users said they had seen similar graffiti on the power building at Scott Street, Milton Mains Road and Park Hall.

The message was also spread on a wall on the first terrace – just ards yards from Clyde Bank High School.

Last night, a secondary school teacher wrote on Twitter: “Whoever wrote this outside our school today, you did nothing but start some social studies classes …

“You see, we do not tolerate sectarian violence and death threats, nor will we ever turn a blind eye to hatred and prejudice.

Glasgow Times:

Local councilor Lawrence O’Neill said: “This type of graffiti shows the toxic mentality of the people who carry it out – it doesn’t go away and anyone with a right mind knows it.

It is hoped that CCTV will pick up those responsible locally.

Meanwhile, West Dunbartonshire. Council Earlier it was said that the graffiti would be removed immediately.

In a post on social media, the local authority wrote: “We are aware of the sectarian graffiti that has appeared in Clyde Bank and are removing it immediately today.

“We condemn this senseless sabotage, which is aggressive and divisive, and we are in touch with the police. Scotland. Any resident who has information, please contact the police on 101. ”

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.

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