October 20, 2021

Secret Taxi Driver: It’s amazing to hear Hampden’s crowd roar again.

I say this with the risk of calculation because deadlines mean that this week’s column was written on the Faroe Islands before last night’s game; so we must have won another and World Cup playoffs, or absolutely ruined !!!

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, watching the dramatic injury winner under floodlights in a very noisy house in Hampden was just a tonic.

Appropriate Scotland felt like Saturday, for the first time in a long time.

On a big game day in Hampden you really get all kinds of painters in your taxi.

But yesterday’s Herald Diary story made me laugh.

Here it is: The diary has proof that Scottish footy fans are a gentle breed, just like any other breed of sophisticated and good breed.

Reader Becky Burns was on a bus leaving Glasgow city center just hours before Saturday’s Scotland-Israel match when she looked out the window at a passing taxi.

The back door of the taxi opened, a man wrapped in Tartan Reglia leaned out, and vomited profusely on the road.

He then got back into the taxi and closed the door.

Becky says: “I was impressed with the way it was understood that it’s more polite to throw someone’s digested breakfast out of the cab. This intro is a great companion.

Ha, ha – thanks Becky – sounds like a failure to you!

It’s a story that all drivers can relate to, nothing bad, but fair play to get out before the taxi;

Here’s hoping we have a huge Hampden playoff awaiting Qatar.

Checks “Route of Qatar” maps … Yes, a badge has just been planted.

This is the best part of 5000 miles, there could be a beautiful drive next November, who is it?

Let’s just leave Spy Heavy behind – not sure if he can compete!

Be safe.

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