September 18, 2021

Season 2 of ‘Burgerton’ is being filmed on the 19th positive test

Filming for “Bridgeton” Season 2 has been suspended indefinitely after two people in the Netbreak series tested positive for COVID-19 in a matter of days.

Production in the UK was initially halted for a day on Thursday last week after a staff member contracted the virus. Filming resumed on Friday but was resumed on Saturday after another positive result. deadline.

One source claims that stopping re-filming is giving the show “a real headache” because of the high demand for the series.

“It can be a reasonable delay and it will be very expensive for them because shooting such a large production is expensive at the best time, when you get an empty seat and the actors who can’t work,” he said. the sun .

“Burgerton” Season 2 is said to have been shooting at 18th-century Wharfham Hall in Hartfordshire when the second case was discovered. Sources claimed that filming stopped immediately after that, although everyone returned to the set.

The source added, “They have a strict scrutiny government, so hopefully the case has been found very soon and that no one on the seat has been found. But a lot of people are now isolated.”