October 18, 2021

Scratrell’s lack of staff is causing chaos in the Glasgow train network.

Train services across Glasgow have been affected by staff shortages this morning and they are ready to continue throughout the day.

All services affected by the disruption are:

  • The 8.08am train from Glasgow to Stranraer ended at Kilmarnock this morning due to a shortage of workers.
  • Services from Glasgow Queen Street to Ennisland have been canceled at 10.03am and 10.35am, leaving one crew member ill.
  • Due to a train breakdown, some services between Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Overlay have been canceled.
  • Canceled at 2.33pm from Lark Hall to Dilmoir, affecting Glasgow Central Lower Services.
  • The 4pm service from Dilmoir to Motherwell has been canceled, affecting Glasgow Central lower-level services.
  • Some services from Helensburg to Edinburgh and Worley will end in Delmoir, including 12.25pm ​​and 14.37pm.

The train breakdown also affected services between East Killbridge and Glasgow Central, meaning there would be four carriages instead of six.

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