September 17, 2021

Scottish police show how they will crush protesters in a pre-COP26 riot exercise in Glasgow.

Police in Scotland showed how they would accommodate protesters at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Monday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The police is engaged in a fascinating exercise for the preparation of COP26.


The police is engaged in a fascinating exercise for the preparation of COP26.Credit: PA
Other officers posed as protesters with baseball bats.


Other officers posed as protesters with baseball bats.Credit: PA

Other officers acted as part of a group of protesters called the Destruction Rebellion.

The “demonstrators” took part in a sit-in outside a bank, which began peacefully before much controversy ensued, with objects being thrown at officers’ lines.

Mounted police were also used in the exercise, while officers continued to use riot shields to disperse the group and defend against attackers with baseball bats.

A group of politicians and campaigners were invited to the training day, some in the role of police or protesters.

Scottish Labor MSP Monica Lennon donated a public order officer’s boiler suit, helmet and body armor while joining the police line.

“It’s heavy, it’s hot, I’m covered with eggs and all sorts of things,” he told the PA news agency.

“But it’s good to see how things are for the police in such a situation.”

He added: “It was very intimidating – to keep an eye on the protesters even though it was a sham.”

The police officers involved in Monday’s exercise are among the thousands who received public order training in the Cop26 race.

Officers are being trained ahead of an international conference in November.

About 10,000 officers from across the UK will be deployed to the summit every day, one of the largest policing operations ever conducted in the UK.

During August and September, about 2,500 public order officers will come to Scotland for training.

The force says it will use a human rights approach to police any demonstrations during Cop26.

Leaders from around the world will gather in Glasgow to tackle climate change.

A senior official said the force was already working with protest groups to allow peaceful protests.

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr said: “Police Scotland is a rights-based organization that is committed to upholding our values, integrity, justice, respect and human rights.

“It means we will protect the rights of those who want to protest peacefully in COP-26

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“We will respond to any protest with appropriate policing and engage with well-known protest groups to ensure that their rights to peaceful assembly and protest are upheld.”

He said police would focus on de-escalation in a demonstration being held at Craigie Hall.

Mr Kerr told the PA News Agency: “Police in Scotland want to train more officers for the small minority who may not want to come and protest peacefully, who may want to disrupt city life. . malfunction

“For this small minority, we want to make sure we have the full range of strategies available.”

Asked if police in Scotland could rule out the use of undercover officers in protest groups, he said: To the extent possible and strictly correct. “

Quan Gavin, Scotland coordinator for the Coalition 26 Coalition, which is organizing protests in Glasgow in the UK and around the world this November, said: “Protests and differences are essential to a healthy democracy, and that human How rights and justice have always been won around the world.

“Without protest, there is no political will to act. The right to protest, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are protected rights that the police have a legal duty to defend.

“People need to be able to challenge the most volatile and least transparent COP ever held, otherwise we have no chance of dealing with the catastrophic climate catastrophe that is wreaking havoc on the planet.” “

He urged people to join the November 6 protest for climate justice.

Thousands of police personnel will be trained before COP26.


Thousands of police personnel will be trained before COP26.Credit: PA
The protesters went on strike.


The protesters went on strike.Credit: PA
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