Scottish footballer almost blind as eye swollen to the size of a golf ball after a horrific headbutt from an opponent

A SCOTS amateur footballer who was headbutted by an opponent during a game has described how he “could lose” an eye after it swelled to the size of a golf ball.

George Robinson was playing for Stenhousemuir Community AFC against East Kilbride YM FC in the Caledonian League Premier Division on 5 February when the shocking incident took place.


George Robinson headbutted during an amateur football game
The Midfielder Was Hospitalized And Said He &Quot;May Lose&Quot; His Left Eye


The midfielder was hospitalized and was told he “could lose” his left eye.

Falkirk’s Stenhousemuir was leading 3-1 when George was knocked down about 15 minutes into normal time.

Linebacker George, 32, was battling for the ball with opponents when he lost possession and was hit by a header from East Kilbride’s Cammy McCulloch.

Despite angry protests from his teammates on the field and in the dugout, the match went on for about 10 more seconds before referee Craig Lauder stopped play.

George, who was only playing his second game for Stenhousemuir after moving from local side Syngenta, was knocked out by almost 10 minutes.

He was then helped off the field and taken to Royal Fort Valley Hospital for treatment, where he was told that he “could lose” an eye.

In an interview with The Scottish Sun, George said: “There were only about 15 minutes left until the end. This is strange.

“It was by no means a dirty game. There was nothing like it, and it happened quite unexpectedly.

“I got knocked out and I had to go to the hospital. For a while I was unconscious. I don’t remember exactly, but when I sat down, they helped me to leave the field.”

With a serious concussion, Stenhousemuir’s physiotherapist took George to the hospital.

While he was waiting for a CT scan, his left eye was badly inflamed with blood and swollen to the size of a golf ball, and doctors at one point said he might “lose” it.

George said: “When I got to the hospital, I couldn’t remember my date of birth or my address. I walked in and my eye was a bit small but as I was waiting for the CT scan it exploded.


“I had to inject two syringes into my eye to draw blood, then they started saying that I could lose my eye.

“A specialist from a separate hospital was supposed to come. He cut open my eye with a scalpel to remove the swelling.”

George does not remember the headbutt and does not believe that no disciplinary action was taken against the guilty player.

Footage of the incident, which was posted online, shows the referee standing and looking at George and an opposing player as the headbutt occurred.

He said the incident was “a disgrace” and calls for retrospective action against the opposition player.

George said: “I remember going after the ball. I didn’t see the other guy approaching, and then he just went dark.

“The referee didn’t even stop the game after it happened. It went on for a good 10 seconds. My teammates went crazy.

“The couple didn’t see it and they were told it was an accident. Not many amateur games are caught on video, but it was.

“The league said, ‘The referee didn’t see it and we don’t use video evidence.’ Even if it was a terrible tackle and someone broke my leg, I would say “fair enough”, but what happened to me was t an accident.”

George said the league told him that if he wanted to continue, he would have to go to the police.

But George said the cops told him that because the incident happened during the game, there was nothing they could do.

He said: “The league just said that this needs to be discussed with the police. But the police said it happened in open play and should be regulated by the SFA.

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“I’m not one to complain, but I think it’s a shame. They are setting a dangerous precedent. Basically, they are telling everyone that you can do whatever you want while playing the game.

“I was seriously attacked out of fear that I might lose an eye, and I took a vacation, but the guy who did it is playing football again without any consequences.

“This needs to be changed. I’ve had teammates in the past who got outdated bans for yelling at referees or just pushing someone. It was a headbutt and he didn’t get any ban.

“I want to disqualify the player as it should have happened.”

George, who works as a technical controller at the mall, is out for three weeks due to a concussion.

But he’s not sure if he’ll be back to play the game he loves.

George said: “I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be back. It got me thinking about amateur football.

“This is a wake up call. I could lose an eye. My eyes and head still hurt.

“My partner’s daughter was horrified when she saw me.”

He added: “The manager of the opposition team contacted me and apologized.”

Caledonian League president Douglas Macmillan confirmed the league was not using video evidence and said it would investigate the incident once the police had completed their investigation.

He said: “Because the police are involved, this does not allow us to investigate.”

East Kilbride Secretary Graham Robertson said: “As this matter is under investigation, unfortunately we can’t comment beyond wishing George all the best and hope he recovers quickly from his injury.”

Police Scotland, SFA, Scottish Amateur Football Association and Stenhousemuir Community AFC have reached out for comment.

George Is Not Sure If He Will Play Again


George is not sure if he will play again
George While Working At Pennies Afc


George while working at Pennies AFC

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