Scottish DJ who ‘forgives himself’ for raping woman tries to ‘cash in’ £20 forgiveness events

DJ SCOTS, who “forgave himself” for raping a woman, is now demanding people join the movement for the power of forgiveness.

Craig Strachan, 30, has revealed how he raped a girl while she was sleeping when he was 21 in a shocking video confession.


Craig Strachan admits he raped a woman while she was sleepingCredit: Facebook

He made the disgusting confession during an online interview.

Speaking on the YouTube channel I’mPossible Conversation, Strachan, who calls himself a “life forgiveness coach,” said he spent time studying “personal development.”

Strachan, from Edinburgh, launched a “forgiveness movement” by charging people £20 to show up for a scheduled meeting.

The meeting, hosted on the platform, claims it is part of a “global mindset method” based on followers “forgiving themselves” for their past wrongdoings.

One former friend told Daily entry: “This is the next level – someone is genuinely trying to cash in on the fact that he is a rapist. This is madness.

“At the very least (he should) be questioned by the police about that rape he confessed to and tell the police who the victim is, because they might want him to be convicted now that he admitted it.

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“Telling you’re okay as long as you’re apologizing and forgiving yourself is none of his business.”

After admitting his crime at the time, Strachan told host Suhi M, “When I had a spiritual awakening last year, it was so, so scary. It reminded me of something that happened when I was 21. *gets up I raped a girl.

“I had sex with her when she was sleeping. It lasted about 10 seconds – she was in my bed, and as soon as it happened, I immediately knew: “Damn, I should not have done this.”

“When I woke up, when I discovered God or the universe, it was 2019. And I kept having all these terrible feelings because I was getting famous in Edinburgh. My nights were getting really popular and I had this shadow behind me, like remember what you did, remember you can’t forget it.

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“I felt so, so bad. It felt like last summer and it was eating me up from the inside. It absolutely tore me apart. happy.

“I honestly died, I felt so bad. I thought about suicide. I just wanted to get out – it was very, very hard.”

Asked if he has forgiven himself, he adds: “I think now, yes, really.”

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