September 17, 2021

Scott will be in more sunshine this week in the last blast of summer before the temperature drops.

In the last blast of summer before the temperature drops, SCOTS are ready to sit in the sun this week.

It will continue till the end of summer as the temperature reaches 22C during the rest of the week.

Scott will be in more sunshine this week in the last blast of summer before the temperature drops.


Scott will be in more sunshine this week in the last blast of summer before the temperature drops.Credit: Scholar

Sun lovers still have time to visit parks and beaches as September begins to feel good and warm.

It is expected to be sunny and dry with 20 degrees Celsius today, but on Wednesday, despite warming up to 21 degrees Celsius, we expect only sunny views from the cloudy sky.

Thursday is the hottest day, reaching 22C highs with good sun views – especially in the west.

Sarah Kent of the Met Office said: “This high pressure system is like an electric car without any charge.

“It’s just sitting there, waiting for a jolt in Jetstream’s life.

“For many, this ground will feel like a hog day. There are a lot of clouds on the northeast coast.

“But for the central parts, the cloudy weather will break in the morning to get a warm sunshine in the afternoon.”

Autumn officially begins on Wednesday when we go in September, the new season looks twice as likely to be warmer than usual.

The Met Office’s long-distance forecast for tomorrow also predicts that the weather will be drier than wet.

The Scots 2021 summer has been the hottest on record.

Although the figures are still to be calculated between June 1 and August 31, there are still a few days left, and Scotland as a whole is seeing its ninth driest summer so far, with only 62% of the average rainfall.

Especially in the west of the country, it is expected to be the second hottest summer record.

Coming second in the summer of 1869.

Records date back to 1862.

Nationally, we’ve enjoyed a total of 463 hours of sunshine – 9% more than the average.

The average temperature was 1.6 degrees above normal.

The highest point came in July when the country enjoyed a two-week heatwave.

The warmest day of the year was recorded on July 22 at 29.3C in Thr گ Garden, Kirkcod Brightshire.

However, the lack of rain is causing concern between the two government quarries, which are responsible for water.

UK weather

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has used its latest report on water scarcity to identify a ‘significant’ shortage of groundwater and rivers in the Catholic area.

Thorso and Orkney have been classified as ‘moderate’ shortages, and in areas such as The Outer Hybrids, Helmsdale, Firth of Tie and Southern Scotland, SEPA believes the situation is likely to worsen as the country dries up. And enters hot weather. ”

Scottish Water, which is responsible for drinking water, recently appealed to the public to try to limit consumption.

Reservoir levels are still above 60% of capacity, but Scottish Water’s general manager of operations, Casey, is warning against being satisfied.

“People can understand that, because we are at the end of the summer, the Scottish schools are back and there has been some heavy rain recently, there is no problem with the water supply now,” he said.

“It’s not like that at all and maintaining normal supply is a big challenge for us.”

UK weather forecast for Monday 30 August – some last summer sunshine.

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