September 25, 2021

Scott Rail launches open return ticket between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Getting two separate tickets for Edinburgh on a weekend may soon be a thing of the past.

Scott Rail is launching an open return ticket between Glasgow and the capital that passengers have up to a month to use.

From today, it can be booked online, at stations or at ticket machines.

For any time travel that allows users to travel during peak hours, an open return will return you back 30. For travel away from the peak, rent. 18.40 and there is no doubt that many people will get up to 1/3 discount in price using rail card.

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Scott Rail Commercial Director Leslie Kane said: “This is another major step towards recovery from the epidemic.

“We have already made positive progress by resuming first-class offerings on our trains and gradually reintroducing our hospitality service on the West Highland Line, but we know we need new travel models. Changes are needed to adapt. ”

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“Working remotely means that people reduce the use of trains on a daily basis, but with the increase in stays and people choosing not to travel abroad in the short term, we hope that more people will use it for recreational purposes. Will choose the train for

“Our new Glasgow-Edinburgh Open return tickets will benefit both the entertainment and business markets and I’m sure these fares will help bring back old customers and attract new ones, as we We will continue to work to ensure that Scotland’s railways are adequate for the future. ”

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