September 25, 2021

Scott Larry’s driver says the recruiting firm sent him answers for a job test with John Lewis.

A LORRY driver described how a recruiting firm sent him the answers to a test he had to pass for a job with John Lewis.

The test was to test the retail company’s knowledge of key industry guidelines before operating a 7.5-ton delivery truck.

A lorry driver says the recruitment firm


A lorry driver says the recruitment firm “sent answers” to a job test with John Lewis.Credit: Scholar

But the man claimed yesterday that an employment agency worker told him what to ask for each of the 21 questions, including health and safety – then asked him to keep it secret.

The HGV veteran, who asked not to be named, said: “I couldn’t believe it. The whole point of the test is to make sure drivers know the law and can work safely.

“It could put under-qualified drivers behind the wheel.

“The consequences can be devastating.”

The man applied for a job at the retailer’s Glasgow distribution depot through an online advertisement.

He then had to take a driving assessment and theory test last month.

But two days earlier, he had received a reply from a senior consultant attaching an e-mail to BrightWorks.

The message said: “Please do not tell anyone that your home is a test.”

Brightwork promised a “full investigation.”

A spokesman for John Lewis said: “We are taking this with immediate effect.

The moment Scott pulls the ambulance in front of the driver and forces him to apply the brakes.

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