September 17, 2021

Scott Forest: Accused of abusing a pensioner in East Killbride claims he was paid 50 50 for having sex with him, Glasgow High Court has heard.

A man has accused a 77-year-old woman of raping him and paying her 50 50 for sex.

Scott Forest said the OAP came to her door in East Kill Bride, South Lanarkshire, stating that she no longer felt like a “real woman”.

The 53-year-old said he later offered her a post-quilt bacon roll.

Forrest is on trial in Glasgow High Court on July 17, 2020, for allegedly raping a woman.

The allegations include allegations that Forrest grabbed OAP by the hand, took him to the property and detained him there against his will.

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Unemployed Forest has filed a special defense of ‘consent’.

He told the judges in evidence today that he was originally from Belshell but went to Zambia and South Africa before returning. Scotland 20 years ago

He claimed that he had been shot in the leg during his national service, which caused him to have mobility problems.

Forrest said he knew the woman he was accused of raping and living in East Culbride.

The court heard that Forrest told police officers in an interview that the woman came to his door on the day of the alleged incident.

Defending John Scott QC, he said: “You told the officers you would be compensated for having sex with a woman. How much was involved?”

Forrest replied: “50.”

He said he was eventually given cash but did not remember where it was.

Forrest claimed that he had taken vodka after sex, which affected his memory.

Earlier, Forrest was accused of “kidnapping, assaulting and raping” a woman.

He said to Mr. Scott, “No, sir.”

Forrest denied Mr Scott’s advice to the woman: “I can’t believe you’re 77, you don’t see her” and that she was a “sexy woman”.

Forrest said the couple had sex for 20-25 minutes, but it lasted at least an hour and a half.

Mr Scott asked what he had done for the rest of the time.

He replied: “Speaking and I made bacon rolls.

“She had already eaten lunch and didn’t want lunch. I told her I was in a lot of pain.”

Mr Scott asked how he was in great pain and he replied: “My leg was hurting me … just by being active.”

Prosecutor Greg Ferrell cited a police interview that Forrest gave after his arrest.

Mr Farrell quoted Forest as saying: “Look at the *** HIF *** ed.”

Forrest claimed that he was under pressure from officers at the time.

Mr. Farrell inquired about how the woman asked Forrest for sex.

She explained: “She was really feeling down, saying her husband never wanted to go out or do anything and now he doesn’t feel like a woman.

“She feels more like a nanny than a woman,” she said.

Mr Farrell replied: “Did he say ‘I want you to have sex with me’?”

Forrest replied: “Yes.”

Mr Ferrell said: “There was no money … you were building it, there was no money.”

“There was money,” Forrest said.

Forrest asked when asked if the woman “enjoyed” having sex with him.

He was thrown into the forest when the woman left her house wearing only a pair of shoes and underwear.

Mr Farrell said: “Your neighbor is missing a shoe from your house, which you will see, especially someone who has lost a shoe. Can you explain that?”

Forrest replied: “No” and agreed with Mr. Farrell’s suggestion that it was a “mystery” and did not take notice.

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Forrest later claimed that he saw the woman carrying the shoe.

Mr Farrell said: “You said you didn’t take notice.”

Forrest replied: “It was a mistake.”

Mr Farrell cited earlier evidence in which Forrest claimed the woman was “happy”.

He added: “She looks happy but a few minutes later she talks to her son and looks very different, not happy but upset, crying.”

Forrest replied: “Yes.”

Mr Farrell said: “It was all a mystery to you because she was fine and did nothing?”

Forrest replied: “I think she was caught, I think that’s it.”

Forrest later denied Mr. Ferrell’s suggestion that he tried to pull the wool over the jury’s eyes.

The prosecutor said: “You kidnapped this woman, assaulted her, abused her in the manner described, that’s true.”

Forrest replied: “No.”

The case is being heard by Judge Graham Buchanan.

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