September 18, 2021

Scott Benman crashed into a customer’s car and threatened to ‘kill his C’ after the thug complained.

A Benman from Hell told a female customer who complained that “before Lok hit her car” she would hit her car, causing a loss of 15 1,500.

Scott Bell, 29, turned around when a customer argued with his boss about the trash thrown at his driveway.

Scott Bell hit the car of the complaining customer.


Scott Bell hit the car of the complaining customer.Credit: Central Scotland News Agency

Prosecutor Katie Cunningham told Falkirk Sheriff’s Court today that the 30-year-old woman “hired people to clean up the rubbish” but was told something was on her driveway.

Ms Cunningham said: “She was not happy to pay. She had people to empty the bins, and there was some rubbish on the driveway, and she was not happy with what had been done.

“The accused and another person came to collect payment from the customer.

“An argument broke out between them because she was unhappy that trash had been thrown in her driveway.”

Bell, who was sitting in a car on the street during the initial conversation between the woman and her owner, got out and started making “threatening remarks”.

Miss Cunningham said: “He said people would participate and ‘kick in his c ***’.

He then returned to the car, drove it, and hit the front of the witness’s car, causing an estimated 15 1,500 in damage.

“Police were contacted.”

The court heard that as Bell moved forward, due to the collision, there were children in his car who were unsafe.

Bell, Grangemouth, Sterling Shire, pleaded guilty to threatening and ill-treating the woman, whose name was not in court, repeatedly screaming and swearing and threatening to torture her on Main Street, Sheldhall, Falkirk. At an address

He also confessed to driving dangerously and hit the woman’s six-year-old Ford Transit Customs 290 EcoTech, which was parked on the road, causing “extensive damage”.

The prosecution alleges that he branded the hockey stick during the stock-off.

The incident took place on October 10 last year (2020) at around 6 pm.
Bell’s lawyer, Martin Morrow, a lawyer-advocate, said: “Mr Bell was working for a cleaning company.

“All they do is pick up trash.

The body of a man was found in Falkirk’s flat and police are investigating an “unexplained” death.

“There was some background to the payment, and there was still some rubbish on the way to the garden.

“It’s fair to say that the anger between the homeowner and Mr. Bell’s employer had subsided and there was a lot of shouting about who was going to blink first about the garbage.

“Mr. Bell foolishly included himself. He made this comment, then wisely decided to get out of it all.

At that moment, in a fit of rage, he got into his car and drove off.

“The plan behind Mr. Bell’s driving was not to intentionally break the car, it was to get out of the place, and he just misjudged.”

Mr Morrow said there were “no ongoing problems” between Bell and the victim, and that Bell was still occasionally working for the same cleaning company – whose name was not in court.

Sheriff Eric Brown told Bell that since his last sentence was in 2015, he would deal with the incident “once”.

He fined her 80 380 and banned her from driving for 12 months.

Bell left the court without commenting to any reporter.

Bin men fight with chairs on the high street before knocking on someone’s door as frightened shoppers shout.

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