October 18, 2021

Scots club players call first-round cod vaccine passport app ‘rubbish’ and ‘vague’

SCOTS Club players have developed the Covid Vaccine Passport app on the first night of the new rules for indoor venues and major events.

In Glasgow, Revelers attacked a bad operating app that the Scottish government launched on Thursday.

Scots club players have attacked the new Covid Vaccine Passport app.


Scots club players have attacked the new Covid Vaccine Passport app.Credit: Alan Ewing – Sun.
The app has been plagued by technical issues since its launch on Thursday.


The app has been plagued by technical issues since its launch on Thursday.Credit: Scholar

By 5am tomorrow, people in Scotland are required to provide proof of double vaccination to enter places at night, such as nightclubs, jigs and other major events, including football matches.

However, soon after the app was launched, many people were unable to access their Certificate due to identity issues and problems adding personal details.

As people hit cities and towns in Scotland last night, the app has been a source of frustration to many.

Clubs in Glasgow lined up outside popular locations in the city center as they hoped to be allowed entry, with many unable to use the app due to technical glitches.

Buff Club Operations Director Paul Benham explained how half the clubs downloaded the app, but said it wasn’t always working for the people who had it.

At Firewater on Sochi Hall Street, 18-year-old Colum Andrews called the app “garbage.”

The column from Falkirk said: “It doesn’t work at all. It’s very dirty.

“I don’t think we need to go to places tonight. I know a lot of people don’t have access to it.”

At the Buff Club, in Bath Lane, friends Kelly Schnend and Sarah Firth, both 22, said they had difficulty uploading details to the app.

One student, Kelly, said: “I downloaded it but I couldn’t work out my original details. Good idea, it’s not working.

‘It keeps saying that my details are wrong.’

“I tried three or four times. He kept saying that my details were wrong.

“It just wasn’t working. It’s obviously a dental problem, but it scares me.”

One student, Sarah, added: “I downloaded it only once and was told we didn’t need it so I left it.”

Cameron Potts, a 23-year-old friend, found the app confusing to use and was unable to load his details after repeated attempts.

Cameron, from Tyrone County in Northern Ireland, said: “I’ve tried but I don’t really understand – it’s confusing.

“I’ve been double-waxed. The app wasn’t working properly and I tried for 10 minutes but I couldn’t load my details.”

Scotland’s coveted vaccine passport status app has been called a “fraud” as Hamza Youssef admits it could take several days to heal.

App users must scan the photo page of their driving license or their passport before going through the fee ID verification process.

The app then asks them to confirm their personal details including name, date of birth and postcode.

However, within minutes of the app launching, People resorted to social media to share screenshots of error messages. And some were unable to find it on the Google Play Store.

People have left horrible reviews on the Play Store, the app currently has a poor rating of 1.2 stars overall.

Before opening the venue last night, Club players were warned that they face a vaccine passport check.Unable to use the app despite thousands of people.

However, some club players were lucky as some venues allowed revelers to enter even if they did not have proof of double vaccination.

Speaking to Scottish Sun, Mr Benham said: “There will be a slight reaction to vaccine passports. Many clubs are saying that there is no vaccine passport but are still testing them.

“It’s a new system, there are problems and hopefully it will be fixed in the next 18 days. We’ve signed up and we’re asking, but no big deal if you don’t have it. Will do because a lot of people haven’t been able to download it or their vaccine is on the south side and it’s not on the NHS Scotland certificate.

“There are a lot of ifs, buts and maybes right now. These are early days and I think the government knows that.

“We’re finding about 50 percent of people finding the app. It doesn’t always work, but they’ve downloaded it and we hope it gets better in the next few weeks.”

Students Sarah Firth and Kelly Shand could not upload their details to the app.


Students Sarah Firth and Kelly Shand could not upload their details to the app.Credit: Alan Ewing – Sun.
Column Andrews said the app doesn't work properly. "Garbage"


Column Andrews said the app doesn’t work properly and is “garbage.”Credit: Alan Ewing – Sun.
Leftist Cameron Potts said he found the app. "Ambiguous"


Cameron Potts, left, said he found the app “vague.”Credit: Alan Ewing – Sun.
Nicola Sturgeon announces changes to the Vaccine Passport Scheme in Scotland.

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