September 23, 2021

Scots car wash line while smoke owners refuse to bark dogs and keep neighbors awake

Paisley car wash owners have denied claims that their dogs bark overnight and keep angry neighbors awake.

Residents of the town of Renfrewshire have complained that they have been unable to sleep properly for eight months due to the noise of pets at the car wash headquarters on Christy Street.

The owners of the Paisley car wash denied that their dogs barked all night.


The owners of the Paisley car wash denied that their dogs barked all night.
Locals claimed the dogs were waking them up.


Locals claimed the dogs were waking them up.

It was claimed that two German shepherds were being chained overnight and were constantly barking at a car wash.

But the company’s owners have denied the allegations – insisting that dogs are not allowed on the premises and angry residents are lying about the noise level.

A local said. STV“Dogs bark constantly day and night. Many nights I sleep on the sofa to avoid noise.”

“My husband and I are under a lot of pressure from the situation and many of our neighbors are going crazy. Some of them work shifts and have their hair cut.

He also alleged that some neighbors had booked holidays to avoid a few days of noise.

But a car wash headquarters boss told Scottish Sun, “Dogs are not left on the premises overnight. They are not guard dogs. They are family dogs.

“Neighbors are not happy with the business there. They have been complaining from the beginning.

“The dogs just come with me in the car wash when I’m there. I take them with me and when I leave I take them with me.

“They are never chained for 12 hours a day. Dogs have heated canals in houses, they are kept inside and outside the house.

The Glasgow dog went to the doctors after swallowing the hot tub foam because the owner feared he was dying.

“They are well cared for and fed and walk three times a day. They are one year old and healthy.

The boss of the car wash firm added: “Both the council and the SSPCA have come down many times and gained access to the dogs and are happy at every opportunity.”

A spokesman for Renfrewshire Council said: “We are working with the owners of this car wash to make sure they are fulfilling their responsibilities under the Guard Dogs Act 1975 and to keep dogs under control while on site. Has been placed.

“Action has been taken against car wash owners who try to allay residents’ concerns about the barking of dogs.

“We are working with the SSPCA to ensure that the dogs are well cared for and that this is not a problem for us at the moment.”

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