October 18, 2021

Scots are given to breast cancer survivors to survive only a few weeks after the disease returns.

The breast cancer survivor is planning his last rites next year instead of his 40th birthday, despite the devastating news that the disease has returned and is incurable.

Surprised, doctors told Mary Dobson that she had only a few weeks left and was unlikely to return at the end of November, when she turned 39.

Survivors of breast cancer were given only a few weeks to survive.


Survivors of breast cancer were given only a few weeks to survive.Credit: Michelle Watch.
Mary Dobson is planning her last rites instead of her 40th birthday.


Mary Dobson is planning her last rites instead of her 40th birthday.Credit: Michelle Watch.

But the personal trainer is anxious for his milestone birthday and hopes to raise at least 35 35,000 for treatment in Spain that could buy him a valuable month.

Brave Marie has also planned partying on Balmede Beach in Aberdeenshire when she’s gone and wants the darlings to wear bright colors and dance on the bee sten ‘alive’.

“I’m not ready to die. Cancer has stolen a lot from me. I can’t have children and I don’t want it to take my life,” said Marie of nearby Newmachar.

“I’m going to fight as hard as I can to keep it going for a while. My dream is reaching my 40th. It will be the final party.

Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and after a year of treatment she thought she would beat it well.

She returned to work and built her dream home with her 39-year-old partner, Neil Barkley.

When she suffered from mysterious pain and suffering, he described them as work-related injuries.

But 2019 scans showed the pain was a secondary cancer that had spread to her body and she was told she had a maximum of five years left.

“I had holes in my bones because the cancer was pushing out calcium. That’s why I was in so much pain,” she said.

The ‘beautiful’ Scots, who died of cervical cancer a few weeks after their dream wedding, pay tribute to their mother.

Chemo has failed to slow down the disease and its life expectancy has been brutally cut.

The only option is to go to Spain for dendritic cell treatment, which is not available on the NHS. “This treatment may mean I’m alive and I love life,” she said.

The Scottish Medicine Consortium said: “Dendritic cell vaccines are being developed but no one is close to the market to join our program.”

Help my appeal. Here.

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