October 25, 2021

Scotland’s new Covid Vaccine Passport app has been dubbed a ‘quick fix’ as SNP ministers set fire to a disturbing launch.

SNP ministers were blown up tonight when the launch of Scotland’s new covid vaccine passport app was hailed as an “immediate disaster”.

Rivals hit when hundreds of Scots flooded social media. NHS Quad Status App. Immediately after going live

Scotland's new covid vaccine passport app has been branded. "Immediate destruction"


Scotland’s new covid vaccine passport app has been dubbed “instant glitch”Credit: Scholar
The app is full of technical issues.


The app is full of technical issues.Credit: NHS Scotland

Many people explained how they could not access their Certificate because they had problems verifying and registering their personal details.

Opponents also criticized the delay in making the app available for download as it only appeared on the App Store this evening at 5.10pm – from the country’s Vaccine Passport Scheme for nightclubs, late night venues, jigs and other big events. Less than 12 hours earlier, tomorrow at 5 p.m.

The app requires users to scan the photo page of their driving license or their passport, and then go through the Fee ID verification process and ask them to verify their personal details such as name, date of birth and postcode. Says.

But within minutes, people took to Twitter to share screenshots of incorrect messages that included “no match found”, “identity verification failed”, and a photocopy of incorrectly showing their license or passport photo. “It simply came to our notice then.

Others said that when they were searching for the app on the Google Play Store, they couldn’t find it.

People are leaving awesome reviews on the Play Store, the app currently has an overall rating of 1.2 stars.

Donald McLeod, owner of Garage and Keith House nightclubs, said: “NHSCOVID19app is a never ending disaster. I know no one has been able to successfully download this glitch.”

Another Twitter user said: “It doesn’t work either. The camera launches inside the browser window instead of the actual app, which prevents you from adjusting the focus when taking a picture of your identity, which allows you to adjust your ID.” Returns the flag as a photocopy of

And another wrote: “He accepted all my details and facial recognition worked. After that ‘no match found’ and I can’t move on.

The Scottish Government awarded a is 600,000 contract to the Danish firm Net Company to develop the system.

On Tuesday, the government said people were being encouraged to download the app on their smartphones before the certification system went live tomorrow morning.

Although it wasn’t available for most of today, Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney finally confirmed at 5:10 p.m.

‘Does not work cleanly’

Scottish Tory Shadow Caveed Recovery Secretary Murdo Fraser said: “The SNP launched the app at the last minute and, of course, within hours, it stopped working for hundreds of people.

“This is a summary of the SNP’s immediate catastrophe – they just don’t deliver.”

And Labor health spokesman Jackie Bailey said: “The launch of the Quaid Status app has been devastating.

“It’s important for the SNP to hurry up when it clearly doesn’t work.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s vaccine passport scheme has been called a “complete fraud” after delays in the app’s rollout.

From tomorrow, anyone who enters clubs or late night bars that open between midnight and 5 a.m. that offers wines and has specific areas to dance to live or recorded music will have to prove it. They must be double-jawed.

Passes stand live in indoor events with more than 500 people, outdoor live events with more than 4,000 people, and any event with a crowd of over 10,000 – including football this weekend. Some games will be included, but passes will also be required.

The ministers said people will be able to use downloadable digital versions of the app or their vaccination status, where QR codes will be scanned.

Businesses will be given a grace period of 18 October before implementing the council’s officer system.

In response to questions from the first minister, Tory leader Douglas Ross insisted that Nicola Sturgeon “acknowledge that the scheme is not ready and that it needs to be delayed” and called it “complete satire”.

Ms Sturgeon told him that “the majority of people across Scotland understand the reasons for the measures”, and claimed that they would “prefer a situation where people are asked to show evidence of vaccination.” Is or is to be closed “

This came to light after the Night Time Industries Association failed in its court bid to stop the rollout of the system.

The Scottish Sun has contacted the Scottish Government for comment.

The app has been heavily criticized on the Google Play Store.


The app has been heavily criticized on the Google Play Store.
It has an overall rating of 1.2 stars on the Play Store.


It has an overall rating of 1.2 stars on the Play Store.
Nicola Sturgeon announces changes to Scotland Vaccine Passport Scheme

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