October 18, 2021

Scotland Vaccine Passport has problems just hours after launch, consumers claim

Scotland’s new vaccine passport app has been plagued by technical issues, according to its users.

NHS Scotland The Code Status app was made available for download on Apple and Android devices on Thursday afternoon.

From 5 a.m. Friday, those attending major events and nightclubs will be required to show proof that they have two doses of the vaccine using the app before being granted permission.

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But just hours after the app’s launch, comments circulating on social media indicate that many users are unable to register.

The Scottish Government says access to the app by a large number of people at the same time may be one of the reasons behind the glitch.

One Twitter user posted: “It doesn’t matter if I have my NHS number or not, I didn’t get any matches.”

Others shared screenshots showing they were unable to cross the first login page.

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “Some people may experience issues that are likely to be due to too much initial traffic and a large number of users trying to access the app at the same time.

“We recommend people whose data is not available to try again in a few hours.”

The launch came on the same day that the Nighttime Industries Association (NTIA) Scotland lost a legal bid to delay a rollout.

After consulting with the affected businesses, the Scottish Government confirmed that a grace period of 18 October had been agreed before the scheme could be legally implemented.

The legal requirement for businesses to keep information about certification status confidential and not use it for other purposes is in effect today.

Speaking about the launch of the app, Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney said: “We know from experts. Health Analysis that we should do everything possible to stop the increase in cases and reduce the pressure on the NHS.

“Vaccine certificates have a role to play as part of a broader package of measures. They add another layer of protection to some of the higher risk settings.

Glasgow Times: John Sweeney.

“This is a very limited scheme and we hope it will keep businesses open and prevent further restrictions in the fall and winter.

“I would encourage people to download the NHS Scotland Coveted Status app and support our campaign to keep the virus under control.

“Scotland is not unique in introducing such an approach. There are certification schemes throughout Europe, including Ireland and France, and the Welsh Government. planning Similar measures

“I also want to make sure that as many people as possible are vaccinated and that optics are promoted, especially in the younger age group, so anything that helps to encourage is helpful.”

There are currently no plans to introduce certification for the large-scale hospitality industry, but the Scottish Government says it will be monitored in the fall and winter months.

Exemption from the scheme: those under the age of 18, participants in vaccine trials, as well as those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and those who are working or working in places.

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