September 20, 2021

Scotland recorded a record number of cowardly cases for the third time this week.

Scotland This is the third time this week that a record number of coward cases have been recorded.

In a media briefing today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that 6,835 positive cases were counted on Thursday.

Scotland has the highest number of epidemics ever recorded – with infections doubling in the last seven days.

Meanwhile, as Scotland recorded its highest number of cases for the third day in a row, it also recorded a record number of coveted tests.

Another 10 quaid-related deaths were recorded in Scotland yesterday.

The number of deaths under this daily measure – those who tested positive for the virus in the first 28 days – is 9,103.

Ms. Sturgeon said the daily test positivity rate is 14.2 percent, up from 11.5 percent the previous day.

A total of 479 people were hospitalized on Thursday, with up to 19 recently confirmed coveted 19, 53, 47 patients in intensive care, unchanged.

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