September 18, 2021

Scientists create revolutionary ‘cancer vaccine’ behind Oxford Cove job

The team behind the Oxford Cowboy Job has developed a vaccine that could “revolutionize” cancer treatment.

When will be tested in humans for the first time after promising results in animal experiments.

The Oxford team will test the cure for cancer in humans.


The Oxford team will test the cure for cancer in humans.Credit: Scholar

The cancer vaccine was able to shrink tumors in mice and even improve their survival rate when combined with another therapy that replaces the human immune system against cancer, reports Times.

The first human trial will include 80 patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer.

The research team said the job was based on the same “viral vector” technology that was used in the Oxford-AstraZeneca Cove 19.

With the covid vaccine, the genetic material is transmitted to a person’s cells by a harmless virus to train the immune system to fight the real virus.

But, in the job of cancer, the genetic material stimulates the body to respond to molecules called MAGE proteins that are found in cancer cells.

The job aims to promote T cells to fight cancer.

Professor Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute at the university, said. Times“This new vaccine platform has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of cancer.”

Benoit van den Aynde, professor of tumor immunology at Oxford University, said: “We knew that MAGE-type proteins act like red flags on the surface of cancer cells to attract immune cells that destroy the tumor. ۔

“Especially for the target trait, MAGE type antigens are not present on the surface of normal tissues, which reduces the risk of side effects caused by the immune system attacking healthy cells.”

A study has found that the Oxford Cove job, given to 25 million British citizens, is the best way to keep people infected with the virus out of hospital.

In addition to making antibodies to the virus, the vaccine also creates “training camps” to detect and destroy T cells in the body, which can kill new strains.

This means that the body can continue to make these vital cells for life after the antibodies are gone.

Cowid’s daily deaths fell after a six-month high as 178 more deaths and 38,154 cases were reported.

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