Scarborough man Stephen Noble slapped his friend several times after stealing his pills

Stephen Noble, 37, attacked a victim who accused him of stealing a pack of pregabalin pills from his home, as the York Crown Court heard.

According to prosecutor Jonathan Gittens, Noble punched him several times in the head, resulting in cuts and bruises on his face.

He was arrested and initially charged with stealing the named victim’s gold bracelet, his medicines and cash, and assault with bodily harm.

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Stephen Noble was sentenced to prison, but due to being in custody, was released from prison.

Noble, from Peasholm Gardens, Scarborough, denied the robbery charge and was scheduled to appear in court last week but ultimately pleaded guilty to ABH and drug theft. The prosecution accepted these arguments, and the case was delivered.

Mr. Gittens said Noble went to the victim’s house last September 21 to buy a package of pregabalin pills, which are commonly used for anxiety and other conditions.

However, the victim appeared to be stunned and Noble took advantage of this to steal a bag of drugs.

Later that day, he returned to the apartment, ostensibly to buy more pregabalin, when the victim accused him of stealing prescription drugs.

“The fight started right in front of the door,” Mr. Gittens said.

“Mr. Noble punched (the victim) several times in the head, resulting in bruises and several cuts on his face and ears.”

The court learned that Noble had previously been tried by 63 people for 117 crimes, including burglary, theft from a person, drugs, violence and violation of court orders.

In 2012, he was jailed for 20 months for assault causing serious injury, and in 2017 he was jailed again for offering to supply a class C drug.

Neil Katte, softening the situation, said that Noble, who was taken into custody after his arrest in September, knew the victim for many years, and both had drug problems.

He said the victim was in a “semi-conscious state” before being attacked by Noble, who “bitterly regrets” his actions.

He said that Noble had mental health issues, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He was addicted to pregabalin.

Judge Simon Hickey said Noble took advantage of the victim’s dazed state to steal and then assault him.

Noble was imprisoned for seven months, but as he had already spent five months in custody, the verdict resulted in his immediate release from prison.

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