Scarborough Council approves £362,000 plan to build a ‘fantastic’ new Filey Skate Park to encourage the next generation of Olympians.

The new park will meet strong demand. (Photo: Odd Andersen via Getty Images)

The authorities have made it a priority to ensure the safety of new sports facilities as well as the return of old facilities to service over the next two decades, following the adoption of their Playing Field Strategy last July.

Cabinet has approved an investment of £362,500, including a contribution of £28,000 from Filey City Council and £8,500 from the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s Community Fund.

Claire Jim Grieve, responsible for quality of life, said: “The proposal gives people who ride skates, scooters and other bicycles a fantastic facility that can be used all year round. This is a fantastic job… it’s exactly what we need and exactly where we need it, in the center of Filey.”

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Chris Bourne, project manager for Scarborough Council, told the meeting that more than 70% of the young people consulted for the project, which first began in 2016, wanted to create a skate park.

“Sports facilities in Filey are long overdue,” he said.

At the meeting, it became known that Canvas Spaces Ltd was appointed as the contractor for the design and construction of the 700 square meter skate park.

Mr. Bourne said that as part of the tender process, the design of Canvas Spaces included three zones to cater for different abilities: beginners, intermediates and advanced users.

A floodlit skate park will be built on land next to an existing multi-use playground at the West Avenue Municipal Parking Lot to create an “informal sports center.”

The report says that concrete is preferable to installing a metal skate park to reduce the risk of fire due to anti-social behavior, as stressed by Filey Police, who originally designed the community project.

As part of the consultation process, young people who have previously traveled to skate parks in Scarborough, Bridlington and Hunmanby will participate in workshops in Filey to help develop the design.

Clair Mike Cockerill of Filey Ward said he welcomed the proposal but expressed concern about the removal of two old trees.

Mr. Bourne said he would make every effort to ensure that Commandant Cockerill’s concerns were taken into account as part of the planning process, and that more trees were planted to replace those that had been cut down.

Mark Cole, director of Scarborough Council, said: “This project represents a true partnership with the youth and the wider Filey community.

“This project will not only meet the clear demand from the Filey community for a skate park, but will also give local youth the same opportunities to excel in what is now an Olympic sport as in neighboring cities and other parts of the country.”

The design process for the new skate park is due to begin in April, plans must be submitted to planners in July, and construction must be completed by January 2023.

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