September 28, 2021

Saul Nguyen confirms 4. 4.3 million Chelsea loan with option to buy 30 million, Mbabane returns to Real Madrid

Breaking News: Serge O’Rourke’s contract expires

Tottenham Hotspur and Serge Aurier have reached a mutual agreement that has seen the defender’s contract expire immediately.

The 28-year-old joined Spurs from Paris Saint-Germain four years ago, and has made more than 100 appearances for clubs.

However, since the arrival of the Nono Esprito Santo, the right wing has found itself in the picnic order behind both Jafit Tanganga and Matt Doherty.

And since the arrival of another right-back at Emerson Royal earlier today, both sides have decided that releasing the player from their contract is in their best interests.

Aurier will now become a free agent who will be able to join clubs after the deadline this evening.

Ivorian told the Tottenham website: “I really enjoyed my time at Spurs and I want to thank the club and the fans, but I think now is the right time for me to move on to a new challenge. ۔ “

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