September 22, 2021

Sarah Ferguson talks to turn the book ‘Heart to Heart Compass’ into a TV series

During the TV adaptation news, Sarah Ferguson can see the characters live in her period drama “A Compass for Every Heart”.

The 61-year-old Duchess of York is said to be in talks with streaming platforms to turn her book into a TV series in the style of Julia Quinn’s “Bridgeton” series. She is already “working on a cure” for her novel.

“[Her team] “Once the 360-degree treatment of the book is completed, at least one streaming service is already being discussed and will go to others,” a source said. Different typesShe added that she is discussing TV adaptations with popular streamers, including Netflix and Amazon.

“Everyone involved is looking at the success of ‘Burgerton’ as a demonstration of the immense appeal of the period drama on streaming services,” the insider said.