September 18, 2021

Sarah Ferguson misses Princess Diana the most.

Sarah Ferguson reminisced with Princess Diana, and reminisced about the fun moments she shared and her beautiful soul.

The Duchess of York spoke affectionately about the late Princess of Wales as she recalled her life in the 1980s. She said she “thinks about most of her days because she’s the only other person she knew and was around at the time,” when they all wore what they called “very weird clothes.”

“She was in the family before me and we had a lot of fun,” Ferguson said. Hello Magazine. And noted that Princess Diana “never really realized how beautiful she was – which she confessed in public.”

The 61-year-old “Heart for a Compass” author also recalled that the late Shahi was “so ridiculous” and that “there is no one like him.” She said she “will always remember his tinkling laughter and his naughtiness with his jokes.” She remembers dinner time when Princess Diana “said something under her breath” and she just “burst out laughing”.

“And then she won’t be able to control it. And she’ll be able to control herself completely, so it was like I was always naughty,” she recalled.