September 21, 2021

Sarah Ferguson claims that Jack Brooks Bank is cheating on Princess Eugenie.

Sarah Ferguson explained why her son-in-law, Jack Brooks Banks, was seen rowing a boat with bikini-clad women last week, while his wife, Princess Eugenie, was at home with her son in August.

The 61-year-old author appeared on BBC OneA showOn Monday, while there to promote his first adult novel, “Heart for a Compass,” he addressed recent photos with emerging photos of a good time with three Brooks Bank colleagues. Come on in, take a look at the topless models. Capri, Italy

Ferguson described him as one of his “favorite people” and explained why he was there. He said Brooks Bank was there for work and dropped the rumors.

“Jack, who was on the front page, is such an honest man,” the Duchess of York said, adding that she called him “James Bond.”

“He’s just a superhero in my book, and he’s a great father, a wonderful husband, and he’s never in front of the house, he always likes to be behind.”