September 17, 2021

Sarah Ferguson breaks the silence on Meghan Markle’s opera interview, Prince Harry

Sarah Ferguson hinted that she could be on the team as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when she admitted that she is a fan of Opera Winfrey.

The Duchess of Sussex was a diplomat when she shared her thoughts on the couple’s explosive opera interview in March. Telegraph. He did not pay close attention to their revelations and the subsequent shock wave. Instead, he shared his experience when he sat down for an interview with an experienced talk show host two decades ago.

When asked about the interviews between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Ferguson replied, “I just want to say that Opera helped me a lot when I went to the United States and interviewed him.” He added that he was “a strong supporter of opera and everything in it.”

When Ferguson was asked about McCast and also asked for advice for the Sussex, he said, “I’d be happy to give advice except for Harry and Meghan.” The 61-year-old also expressed sympathy with the couple in the challenges after Magset.

“When I left my family, I had to make my way into the world, and it’s not always easy,” she said of her divorce from Prince Andrew.

Ferguson first interviewed her in the same year she divorced the son of Queen Elizabeth II and returned in 1999, three years later. In his early days, he admitted that life with the royal family was “not a fairy tale” and that the royal thought “real life there.” He “had to go there and play by the rules.”

Moving forward rapidly in March 2021, Meghan Markle did the same and spoke openly with the firm about her life. He shared shocking revelations about alleged racism and accused the palace of asking for help with his mental health issues. He had confessed to suicidal thoughts.

Meghan Markle’s revelations drew mixed reactions: some were helpful and others claimed to have lied about the royal family. One of the people who didn’t believe a word he said was Pierce Morgan, the former host of “Good Morning Britain”, who claimed that Ferguson had left the show after criticizing the Duchess of Sussex. Sent them a text of support.

Princess Beatrice graduates
Britain’s Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson pose with their daughter Beatrice after a graduation ceremony at Goldsmith College in London on September 9, 2011.

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