October 27, 2021

Sarah Awards News – Van Kozens says ‘no punishment is enough’ by heartbroken father when killer appears in court

No ransom for cousins, says Sarah’s father.

Sarah Everard’s father tells his killer to face him in court, telling Van Cousins: “None of the punishment you get will compare to the pain and suffering you inflicted on us.”

Jeremy Auward, a professor of electronics at the University of York, stood in the Old Bailey’s observatory on Wednesday to read a statement of his impact.

“She also had a beautiful mind,” he said, showing a picture of “my beautiful daughter” on the court’s big screen, before facing Cousins.

The killer, 48, was hanging out during his sentencing hearing, and Mr. Euward calmly asked: “Mr. Cousins, please look at me.”

Cousins, who is serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to raping, kidnapping and murdering Ms Everard, raised her head slightly but did not make eye contact.

Mr Euward told Cousins ‚Äč‚Äčthat there was “no redemption” for what he had done.

“My whole family wants Sarah to come back with us,” he said.

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