September 18, 2021

Santopia Hotel Overview: Crete, Greece

Like many of us, the last 18 monotonous months. Lockdown And the restrictions left every one of me wanting to run away – a real respite from the same old way of life in Britain. And as much as they have been the best when they were the only option, this time I knew that a Stay Or Spa day Just don’t cut it. Spending so much time isolated from the world during epidemics made me realize that for me, potential. Travel There is an incredibly important privilege that has become even more important now, especially when it comes to my management. Mental health.

I was at first apprehensive about boarding a plane during an epidemic, but despite the uncertainty and extra layers of rules during the journey, many of my friends and colleagues found it very hot with relative ease. Seeing me escape into the climate gave me so much confidence that I started planning to go out. .

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The Santopia Hotel in Crete was already somewhere where I had InstaStack, and after many eager double tapes on the feed from its FOMO, I finally got the chance. And, quite frankly, the urge to go far in the end killed anyone. Travel anxiety The logistics around me flying weren’t as awful as I thought they could be. It was amazingly smooth – although the admin was heavy – but definitely worth the trip I was about to make.

After a beautiful hour’s drive from the airport, we arrived in Santopia. Launched in 2019 and located in Rhythm, my first impression was of how frivolous it looks from the outside: cool, calm and sensible, it symbolizes the luxury of the Greek island. Go inside, and the first thing that greets you is the signature scent of the hotel – always a sign that you’ve arrived somewhere that wants to impress you and your senses. Artistic decorations, skillfully placed plants and Greek pottery are brought out without hindrance. The space feels open and airy, with an instant sense of welcome with all the organic contacts. It could literally be a Pinterest mood board to bring #InteriorGoals to life, and lots of inspirational photos taken – another good sign.

After checking in, we were given wrist bands, which made me feel part of a special club – and I joined it! In record time, we dropped our luggage, eager to start the day’s journey: sunbathing by the pool, soaking in the cocktails. But first, take a moment to enjoy the view from our room overlooking the hotel’s main pool. Even better, we can see the ocean on the horizon, a reminder that our phones are fully charged to capture sunset content. And did I mention the jacuzzi on my balcony, which is strategically placed to take full advantage of the golden hour light?

Forget about all the holidays you know. Syntopia manages to make the experience feel stress-free with no admin involved (thanks to the VIP wrist band), making sure you take your favorite frozen Margarita from the pool bar in your hand. More than you can say ‘Yamas’. ). I recommend either strawberries or lemons, or both. Light bites are also available in the canteen if you are feeling greasy between meals, crafted by amazing staff, which can help you feel like a rock star. For our entire four night stay, the food offered was excellent. My suggestion is to sample the different types of creatine dishes available for a full experiment. And don’t miss every Thursday Seafood Day, which was the focus of my personal attention. Not to mention the girl station didn’t disappoint.

Syntopia gets top ratings because it feels like it’s made for slow, do-noting-all-day vibes. Sunshine, nap, swim, rinse and repeat. Its cool summer weather will slow down the mental engagements and allow you to recharge until you get used to the relaxation of the island. It’s definitely designed for couples or solo travelers who prefer the low key, which is why it’s great to be an adult only. For those who need more help to suppress, then signature massage Aegio Spa. Will do the trick. The spa is located at the back of the resort, where you will also find another deserted pool, away from all activities.

The relaxed atmosphere continues into the evening, with light entertainment every night as you dine and make plans to explore the surrounding neighborhood the next day. Don’t miss the open cinema and the various events that take place every week, including wine and cheese making, cooking lessons and much more.

My inner advice for getting a day bed in an important place is to get there early, as space is limited. You may find yourself on the edge of a pool that doesn’t get sunlight until noon. First come first served, but those who try to hug them with personal items for more than an hour because they enjoy the lies above will not be tolerated, every No one deserves a fair share of poolside real estate.

Until the last day of our journey, I suddenly realized that I had broken the cycle of negative thinking and stagnation after so long in lockdown. Not to mention that either way will help improve one’s mood and outlook, but what I learned from the trip was the importance of new contacts, and was reminded of the joy of friendship and good times. Maybe it was at sea, but it’s been a week since I came back and I’m still having a positive effect, and can’t wait to book another trip.

You’ll also be happy to know that a Code 19 testing clinic and supermarket is literally a stone’s throw from Santopia (Easy), and the beach is also within walking distance. You’ll need a car to access the larger, more popular beaches, but the Quad is also easier and more interesting to rent. Overall, the taxi will take 20 minutes to the old town of Rhythm, which costs € 12, or بس 5 for the bus.

So come with your friends, or your significant other, or just yourself – what’s stopping you? thank you for everything, سنتوپیا۔!

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