October 20, 2021

Sanchez West Ham defeat, Henderson’s loan, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. struggles in ‘better than father’

NEV wins World Gang.

Gary Newell has won the World Football Ambassador in months after helping break the unpopular plans of the European Super League.

The former Manchester United and England defender was honored for his “impact” on the off-the-shelf game, which was previously given to Sir Bobby Charlton.

Organizers at the Football Business Awards say Newell is being “recognized for his extensive business in football and for making a difference in his community for the involvement and representation of fans within the sport.”

Sky Sports Pundit shared a post on Twitter with its 4.7 million followers saying it was an ‘honor’ to win the award.

Newell, 46, was a staunch opponent of the Breakway League’s plans in Europe, which included six major Prem parties.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man City initially added six other European players to the scheme earlier this year.

However, all six clubs withdrew from the project following a backlash from fans, including MPs and Newell.

Old Trafford Heroes will later launch a campaign calling for the introduction of an independent regulator to stop undercover breakaway projects.

And the call-supporting petition has received more than 142,800 signatures, along with Newell and Gary Linker, two of the high-profile personalities plugged into Twitter.

Football Business Awards are celebrated by clubs from the Premier League, Scottish Prem and EFL.

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