Ryan Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburg are delighted with the disclosure of the sex of the newborn

RYAN Thomas and Lucy Mecklenburg have revealed the gender of their second child.

The loving couple announced that their child, due in the spring, will be a girl.


Ryan and Lucy have confirmed that they are expecting a baby girl

Appeal to HELLO! magazine, Lucy, 30, said: “Our baby girl is due in late spring – we can’t wait!

“I had a suspicion that I would have a girl, but I was a little more insecure than with Roman. With him, I just knew – I don’t know why, but even before we knew, I said: “I know one hundred percent, it’s a boy.”

Lucy and Roman welcomed son Roman in March 2020 just before the covid-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown.

During the interview, Lucy opened up about how social media has been a huge relief for her as she embraced motherhood.

Former Towie star Lucy explained, “Being a new mom can be very lonely anyway, and then take your mom out for a cup of coffee or go for a walk with a friend.

“At 4am, I was posting Feeding Stories and moms were texting back. It was a way to know that you are not alone. That’s motherhood: we’re all in this together.”

In March 2020, The Couple In Love Had A Son, Roman.


In March 2020, the couple in love had a son, Roman.

Lucy and Ryan met while they were both filming the Channel 4 reality show The Island with Bear Grylls.

They got engaged two years later while on holiday in Italy.

But their wedding is on the back burner for now, and Lucy jokes that they struggle to find time to date, so organizing the wedding might take them some time.

“Life is different now — more communication, but less spontaneity,” she said.

“It’s a different dynamic, but just as special, if not more so. We have become a really good team. But it’s hard [to make time for each other]. I still don’t think we’ve hit the perfect balance, but we’re working on it.”

Ryan And Lucy Met While Filming The Reality Show Bear Grylls Island.


Ryan and Lucy met while filming the reality show Bear Grylls Island.

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