Ryan Jack should be FIRST on the Rangers roster, says Graham Dorrance.

GRAHAM DORRANCE felt the pain of Ryan Jack during the darkest moments of his career with the Rangers.

As teammates they both endured a torrid first season at Ibrox.


Ryan Jack looked dignified when he returned from injury

Dorrance made sure he stayed in touch during Jack’s recent injury nightmare.

As such, ace Dunfermlin enjoyed watching his buddy succeed with his perfect Euro performance in their 4-2 win over Borussia Dortmund.

Dorrance thinks Jack is great for handling the German giants brilliantly and this is just his second start in almost a year.

He said: “Last Thursday there were ten out of ten games against a world class team.

“Given the quality that Ryan came across in Dortmund, the fact that he excelled in this company speaks volumes for him.

“Many boys showed their best results of the season. But you could really see in this scene what Jacko brings to this Rangers team.

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“I know that Ryan can play a decisive role until the end of the season.

“He was a big miss. Sometimes, if the players are away for a long time, they are a little forgotten. So I was a little concerned about that.

“But Jacko proved after his return that he should not be forgotten. For me, he is now the first name on the Rangers team list.

“Starting the second half of an Old Firm game that showed a poor Rangers game, he lifted them up.

“He has so many qualities, he is so comfortable with the ball, he can move around the field, take it with him anywhere and link defense with attack.”

Dunfermline Star Dorrance Is A Big Fan Of The Midfielder.


Dunfermline star Dorrance is a big fan of the midfielder.

Dorrance knows the highlights of Jack’s five seasons at Ibrox have not come easy.

The ex-Aberdeen skipper, signed alongside Dorrance in the summer of 2017, was sent off four times in his first 21 games.

Then two more fruitless years passed before he became the star of Steven Gerrard’s Invincibles.

But his title season ended last February and he’s just returned to full speed after a serious calf problem.

RYAN’S RETURN Rangers star Ryan Jack’s shape is like a new signing for £10m contract, expert says after injury return

Jack shared his struggles with Dorrance, whose Ibrox career has been hit hard by injury.

Jack said he has “trained tirelessly” to survive nights like the 4-2 Europa League first leg victory over one of the Bundesliga’s best players.

Dorrance thinks his buddy is back in full physical shape, buffed up, and says he’s better now than before.

He added: “Jaco was very difficult.

“I still talk to him a lot and I know that he was disappointed, a little upset about all this.

“This is an integral part of football, injuries happen. But it’s never nice. I know from experience how difficult it is to be away from home for long periods of time.

“I know the emotions, the feelings he went through. Because you think: will I be able to return to that level?

“Obviously, he had a hard time, but he is very strong psychologically. I had several conversations with him, said to continue and work on.

But it’s never easy no matter who you talk to when you sit in the gym and watch the boys work out.

“One thing I noticed, especially last Thursday, is the time Ryan spent at the gym when he wasn’t home.

“He pumped up, more on top. I think it helped him.

“I am very happy to see that he is back the way he was.

“He looks just as good, if not better – and stronger.”

Jack will turn 30 next Sunday and Dorrance believes his best years as a linebacker are yet to come.

The former Norwich and West Brom player desperately wants him to keep playing with Gers.

Dorrance said: “I think Steven Gerrard was great for Jacko.

“Someone of his caliber who played in that position, giving him these accolades, made him confident in the world of good.

I hope he can continue to work under this manager and become even better, because now there is no limit for him – as long as he stays in shape.

“For me, he is definitely a player who could go to England and play in the big leagues there.

“But now he is in an incredible club, so knowing Jacko, I’m not sure that he would even want to think about going somewhere else.

“He is as big a Rangers fan as anyone else.

“He will always give 100% every time he takes the field.

Graham Dorrance Clashes With Scott Brown


Graham Dorrance clashes with Scott Brown

“Ryan will want to stay, win a lot of championships, go to long distance European races, like they are doing now. He still has a lot to do there.”

A fully finished Jack will be returning straight to Scotland and also ahead of the World Cup playoffs.

But Dorrance admits he had no idea what a talent Jack was when they played for the Rangers under Pedro Caisinha.

He added: “Looking back, I can say that it was hard when Jacko and I were there.

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Celtic have been really good under Brendan Rodgers.

“We were disappointed that we couldn’t get better results, so I’m glad they changed everything and he got this title.

“I will always remember how Dzeko, who came to the Rangers, surprised me very much.

“After watching him at Aberdeen, I didn’t realize he was as good as he is.

“I knew he was a good footballer, but probably one of those who did not stand out.

“When he is IS YOURS the team is next to you, and you see a great player and appreciate him very much.

“Because right after the first two practices I was like, ‘Yes, this guy is a real player.

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