Russo-Ukrainian Crisis: “Oligarch tax should be introduced to deal with the energy crisis and stop Putin’s cronies,” says Ed Davey.

Speaking in Fife during a virtual press conference, Ed Davey also said former Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable’s appearance on Russia Today during the Ukraine crisis was “an error of judgment.”

However, he added, Vince Cable is “very critical of Putin” and the situation is “very different” from Alex Salmond, a longtime Kremlin-backed host.

Sir Ed said he agreed with Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton calling for Salmond’s Privy Council membership to be withdrawn.

Ed Davy, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has proposed a tax on oligarchs to stop “Putin’s pals” and help deal with the cost of living crisis. (Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

He said: “The Liberal Democrats are strong supporters of NATO and outspoken critics of Putin. We are calling for possible severe sanctions, much more severe than what Johnson is calling for, and this is completely contrary to Salmond’s opinion.”

The oligarch tax has been proposed by Sir Ed as a potential solution to help the “most vulnerable” and those struggling with energy bills.



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Mr Davey said: “When we go after, as we should now, freezing and in the process of seizing the assets of Putin’s cronies who own such large sums of money and shares in the UK, we should use it. money, along with the contingency tax I’ve been pushing for so long to make sure we can support the most vulnerable and those struggling with their energy bills.

“So many families here in Fife and across the UK are facing real poverty because of the high cost of living, and Putin’s friends get away with it, and that’s why the Johnson government is so wrong to punish its friends so weakly.

“The oligarch tax along with the contingency tax are all measures to fund the huge support we are claiming to help people with their heating bills.”

Sir Ed said that Scotland’s withdrawal from North Sea oil “will take some time” and it will need to be done in a “controlled and planned manner”.

Speaking about the need to reduce the amount of gas and oil used by the UK, Sir Ed said: “In the future, we need to invest in the green energy that Scotland is so rich in.”

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