October 22, 2021

Russian engineers work on a new wheeled tank equipped with a 125mm gun.

09/08/2021 17:08.

Rustic State Corporation’s holding of high-precision weapons is looking for an opportunity to design a light-wheeled amphibious tank equipped with a 125 mm gun. RIA Novosti. Report by Vladimir Badayou, Deputy Chief Designer, Volgograd Tractor Plant

According to the expert, the corporation intends to design a wheeled tank from the Sprout-SDM1 light amphibious tank.

“What specific wheelbase will we use to install the module is an open question. There are many successful wheeled chassis in Russia today, and everything depends on the ultimate goal of the wheel tank, on which it The troops will have to go, Badawi said.

He also suggested that the new tank be export-oriented. According to the designer, Russia prefers traditionally tracked chassis, so the use of wheel tanks in the armed forces is less likely.

Earlier, it was reported that Russian engineers were ready to modernize Soviet T-55 tanks for foreign operators. The T-55 tank comes as a development of the T-54 – new vehicle production began in 1958. In 21 years, more than 23,000 tanks were manufactured, some of which were shipped to foreign operators.

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