October 18, 2021

Russia will soon have an unlimited number of regional leaders elected to its office. Andrea Pertsev, Medoza’s special correspondent, explains why the Kremlin needed it – and why now.

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Save Medusa!

Soon, the leaders of the Russian territories will have the opportunity to be elected to their positions in an unlimited number, not twice in a row – not just two, as they are now. This is the basic premise of the new bill, which has been submitted to the State Duma for consideration and will certainly be adopted. At the same time, the president will have more opportunities to influence regional leaders: he will show them a kind of “yellow card” in the form of reprimands and warnings, and then dismiss them (although now the president will In the end, Russia will no longer have local presidents: the last regional leader who says to himself (this is Rustam Manikhanov in Tatarstan) will have to correct his title. Mendoza’s special correspondent Andrei Pertsev explains the meaning of what is happening.

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