October 22, 2021

Russia is planning to build a super-heavy rocket for lunar flights.

Russia has halted the technical design of super-heavy rockets for lunar flights, said Dmitry Baranov, director general of the Samara-based Rocket and Space Center Progress. RIA Novosti. Reports

According to Baranov, work on the elements of the super-heavy rocket, which determined the development of key elements and technologies for the construction of the super-heavy space rocket, has been stopped. Work on the project could resume in the future, if the Russian space corporation Roscosmos makes the appropriate decision.

The technical design of the rocket for lunar flights was to be completed in October 2021.

Roscosmos wants a methane rocket engine.

In August, Roscosmos postponed the launch of the Luna-25 mission until May 2022 due to a lack of time to prepare program elements.

Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, said the new Russian super-heavy rocket would be based on new technology rather than new technology.

“The money we intended to spend on the super-heavy rocket will be used to develop methane engines at the Thiamotomatica Design Bureau, because it is the methane engine that gives us the opportunity to reuse the engines of a super-heavy rocket. Will provide, ‚ÄĚRogozin said, commenting on the state corporation’s plans.

Otherwise, he said, the corporation would “throw away just one trillion rubles, causing a public outcry.”

“It won’t do any good. Then there will be a one-time flight around the moon, but then what? If we want to build this system, it has to be reusable.”

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