October 27, 2021

Royal Mail tests a drone postal service on a remote Scottish island in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

The owners of the Royal Mail aim to reduce carbon emissions to the remote Scottish island by drone.

A two-week trial is underway between Kirkwall, the capital of Orkney, and the younger North Ronaldsey.

Drone Postal Service is being tried in Orkney.


Drone Postal Service is being tried in Orkney.Credit: PA

The mail is a large, twin-engine, UK-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) called the Ultra.

36-mile flights can carry 100kg of letters and parcels to the island – further north from the southern tip of Norway.

Sarah Moore will deliver all seasonal unmanned craft deliveries to up to 70 residents.

Nick Landon, Royal Mail’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “At Royal Mail we aim to provide a great service to all our customers, wherever they live in the UK.

“We are also incredibly passionate about protecting our diverse and beautiful environment.

“This trial is designed to support both of these goals, using state-of-the-art technology to help the remote and isolated communities we serve in a green way.

Trial of drone technologies is just one way we are helping our postmen and postwomen provide amazing service, while reducing our carbon emissions.

“It’s really exciting to be part of this ordeal,” said Sarah.

“North Ronald’s is a very remote part of the UK and I am proud to be involved in a initiative that will help the Royal Mail do everything possible to keep all sectors of the UK connected.”

Royal Mail’s contract with Wonders Limited is the third drone trial in ten months, followed by Mill and the Isles of Scale.

Charles Scales, chief executive of Wonders, said the firm was “delighted” to run its “Ultra UAV” for the Royal Mail for North Ronaldsey.

“Our autonomous system will provide all-weather service to the community and significantly reduce carbon emissions,” he said.

The trial is part of the Sustainable Aviation Test Environment (SET) project at Kirkwall Airport – and if successful, could be extended to other remote areas.

The hero of the incredible moment, Scott Posty, turns the thieves around.

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