October 27, 2021

Royal Family Updates – Prince Andrew should not return to public life as Kate Middleton.

‘It could be a disaster’ (continued …)

Attorney Andrew B. Breitler said the plaintiff had entered into a “settlement agreement” that would end his current lawsuit against the prince.

But Ms Leon said: “It’s a dead end too.

“It’s just not going away.”

He said the lawsuit was affecting the royal family “very badly” – and that no matter what the consequences, the damage to Andrew’s reputation would be “permanent”.

“Here is the prince, the second son of greatness, and he is just moving forward and arrogantly pretending that he is above all nonsense,” he said.

Despite a series of PR scandals in recent years, Andrew was so confident that the case would be dropped that he was planning to return to the royal front.

A source said: “There has been a dramatic change in mood and reality that this could not only last for months, but over the years, potentially costing millions of pounds is very real.”

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