September 19, 2021

Royal Family News – Prince Harry’s memoir claims that the royal family was “quietly happy” Meghan did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

Royal experts list the similarities between Hari and Edward VIII

In an interview with Fox News, Mr. Bullin noted some similarities between Harry and Edward.

Edward, who divorced in 1936 and divorced Socialist Wallace, wrote a ghostly biography after being cut off from any source of income.

The book A King’s Story: Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor, published in 1951, details the royal division and its relationship with Wallace. Harry is currently writing his memoirs after signing four books worth 29 29 million.

Random House announced that the first book, still untitled, would include a “final account of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that helped shape it.”

The two men married divorced American women, experienced “sibling enmity” and bombed their lives in the royal family.

“It’s interesting when you draw similarities between the two,” said Mr Bullin. Both married divorced American women. We all know, but it’s much deeper than that.

“Edward and his brother also experienced the enmity of their siblings, which can be compared to Harry’s strained relationship with his brother Prince William.”

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