September 18, 2021

Royal Family News – Prince Harry and Meghan donate 78 78,500, while Pierce Morgan challenges Sussex for throwing Queen in trash

Meghan Markle ‘determined more than ever’ to get last word

This is a special sun.

Meghan Markle, who is said to be angry after Pierce Morgan’s off-job victory, is said to be “more determined than ever”.

According to one expert, this will deepen the divide between Sussex and the royal family.

Talking about Meghan’s next move, author and broadcaster Adam Heliker told The Sun Online: “I think she will feel more determined and move her game forward to talk about it.

“She will convince all her followers that this is how Britain works. I think she will see it as another way to protect the royal family.

“And it’s just one of a kind – the divide is getting deeper.

“They will continue their game of making more statements, being more free and moving forward.”

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