September 18, 2021

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle leaves the royal ‘very upset’ with Instagram posts calling attention to the important day.

Prince Charles William was ‘always close’ to Harry, so destroyed by his royal feud, experts claim

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Charles is particularly worried about a quarrel with his youngest son, who was born in March through an opera interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Speaking on True Royalty The Royal Beat Program.The author’s son, Robert Jobson, explained that the queen’s son, 72, had problems with his 36-year-old second child moving to the United States and public criticism of the royal family.

Royal Commentator, who co-authored the 2002 book. Diana: Closely guarded.“I think he was close to Harry and that’s why he hit her harder than what happened to Harry,” he said.

Jobson made the remarks while discussing the late King George VI’s relationship with his youngest child, Princess Margaret.

Citing the Queen’s father, he said: “He loved and protected his two daughters, but he had confidence in the Queen – Princess Elizabeth – he felt she was a solid character.”

A royal expert claims to have been Prince Charles. "Always close" Prince William Credits: Getty - Partners vs. Prince Harry.
A royal expert claims that Prince Charles has been “always closer” to Prince Harry than to Prince William Credit: Getty – Partners

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