October 27, 2021

Royal Family Latest News – Prince Harry and Meghan believe the Queen uses brutal secret codes and signals to attack them

Your anger

A royal pundit has claimed that Prince Harry’s anger over Meghan Markle’s wedding feud sparked tensions with his palace – but it was the Duchess who was hard-branded.

Andrew Morton, author of The Bomb Blast. Meghan: A Princess of Hollywood“Harry was the prime mover in the relationship,” he claimed.

In six new chapters of the book. First published in 2018, Mr Morton claimed that the rift between Sussex and the firm began before Harry married his wife.

In November 2018, The Times reported that Meghan threw a “Tyra Tantrum” shortly before her wedding because the tires she wanted to wear were not available.

But now Morton is relieved that it was Prince Harry who started his big day.

He wrote: “Harry was the ‘prime mover’ in ruining the relationship between Sussex and the royal family, but it was Meghan who took the ‘hit’.

The Duke of Sussex allegedly ‘screamed’ at royal dresser Angela Kelly when Tyra Meghan intended to wear it for the wedding, the hair could not be prepared for an unscheduled meeting.

He says Harry was “overwhelmed” when he learned that Tiara was not available and told “anyone who listens”: “Meghan gets what she wants.”

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