September 18, 2021

Royal experts weigh in on Prince Harry’s memory. It is said that this could jeopardize Charles’ plan to make Camilla his queen

Royal experts believe that Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoir will be the last straw for his deteriorating relationship with the British royal family.

Written by Royal Editor Richard Kaye Daily Mail For the entire 20 20 million deal, the Duke of Sussex is required to disclose a number of internal details about the royal family. “To justify the vast amount of money that is being stolen, this can only be one thing: the book will tell everything. So it must expand on all the explosive ‘truth bombs’,” he said. Meghan blew up with the opera in March under the auspices of the royal family. “

“Did he mention the name of this family member, according to the couple, who commented on the skin color of his then-unborn son Archie?” Tell me the name of the one who was seen rejecting Meghan from the airports for mental well-being? “Kay added.