Round after round as Special K dominates the match with a brutal sixth round stoppage

KELL BRook can finally show off his nemesis Aamir Khan – after dominating their vicious match for a decade.

Brook finally had a main rival in the ring, and he was not wrong after so many years of chatter and incitement.


Kell Brook defeated long time rival Amir Khan on Saturday night.Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

In truth, Khan has never looked at horse racing and may regret not taking the fight during his brilliant heyday.

Here SunSport will take you through the fight round after round.

Round 1

Khan starts from the back foot, throwing punches to the head and body, landing the first meaningful punch of the fight.

But the combination rocked Khan hard after a left hook from Brook sent him down.

Once again, the 2004 silver medalist is stunned by the combination, and barley survives the round by hanging to the bell.

Boxer From Sheffield Put A Clinic For The Destruction Of Amir Khan


Boxer from Sheffield put a clinic for the destruction of Amir KhanImage Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

Round 2

A left hook hits Khan’s chin as Brook quickly exits the game.

Khan releases his hands, causing Brook to dive and push his opponent away with a quick counterattack.

Brook landed a strong right hand, but Khan countered with a one-two combination that resulted in his Sheffield opponent making a tackle this time.

Special K Was In A Class Of Its Own At The Ao Arena In Manchester.


Special K was in a class of its own at the AO Arena in Manchester.Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

Round 3

Khan uses his jab better and lands a good left hook, scoring another big shot while Brook hangs on.

But Brook soon retaliates with a powerful left hook and right hand combination and Khan AGAIN hesitates and gets into trouble.

Khan is cornered and Brook applies pressure, even throwing Bolton to the floor, which does not result in a knockdown.

Amir Khan Had No Answer To Kell Brook In Their Displeasure


Amir Khan had no answer to Kell Brook in their displeasureImage Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

Round 4

Khan quickly executes the combination, feeling that the fight is slipping out of his hands.

The right hand passes over the top grounds in Brook’s favor, but Khan takes it and strikes back with a classy retaliation shortly after.

Another strong right is late to Brook’s lands and Khan is back in the corner looking like he doesn’t have much time or space.

Round 5

The right hand is clear for Brook, leaving Khan on the retreat while the Special increases the pressure for a finish.

Khan hits the ropes and Brook chases him around the ring, throwing punches from corner to corner.

A big counter left hook lands on Khan, throwing Brook off balance, but there is no follow up.

Kell Brook Spoke About The Pressure On His Opponent


Kell Brook spoke about the pressure on his opponentImage Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

6 round

Khan is shaken by the blow and gets into trouble one day and is cornered.

Brook lets go of his hands and Khan covers himself with little to offer.

Khan is STOPPED on the ropes as Brook makes his way to a famous win on the most important night of his career.

Finally, Amir Khan Was Stopped In The Sixth Round.


Finally, Amir Khan was stopped in the sixth round.Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

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